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Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier with the Wide Range of Treatments On Offer At Dr Peter Martin’s Harley Place Day Surgery A facial rejuvenation is a combination of treatments designed to deal with: Sun damage Lines and wrinkles Discolouration By offering our patients a range of aesthetic services, we can help you look younger. […]

February 24 , 2013 In: Cosmetic Treatments

The Fantastic Four Treatments to Rejuvenate your Look

With Dr Peter A Martin M.B. you can reclaim healthy, youthful skin… At Peter A. Martin M.B. we are dedicated to helping you achieve radiant, glowing skin and implement only the highest quality treatments to help you accomplish this goal. Every day the face is hounded by the elements, and it is these elements combined […]

The vampire trend isn’t just hitting the bookstores and cinemas – now they’re moving to cosmetic treatments! It’s been a trend sparked by the bestselling novels the Twilight series, and now it’s hitting cosmetic clinics! The ‘Vampire Facelift’ is named so because the procedure utilises the patient’s own blood to help give them that eternally […]

September 3 , 2012 In: Cosmetic Treatments

Ex-Trucker’s sun damage ages skin by 10 years!

Years of exposing his left side to the sun produces scary consequences An ex-trucker is living with the consequences after exposing the left side of his face to the sun every day for 28 years. The 69 year old suffers from extreme sagginess and wrinkles on one side of the face, the other ageing as […]