Harley Place Day Surgery

We all enjoy feeling confident and looking our very best. However, the effects of time and experience can result in wrinkles or sun damaged skin. Facial Rejuvenation is where medicine meets with life to enhance your beauty.

We at Harley Place Day Surgery are helping you in the fight against aging. Our cutting edge technologies, treatments and expertise help us achieve truly amazing results.

Our Modern Practice
Our professional, modern practice is purpose built to provide you with the most comfortable environment in which to receive your treatment.

From the moment you first contact us, to the moment you step through our door and throughout your stay, you will see that everything is geared towards you. Harley Place Day Surgery is your place for rejuvenation.

Dr Peter Martin
Dr Peter Martin is the principal at Harley Place Day Surgery with over 30 years medical experience.

Dr Martin is committed to carrying out the most appropriate treatment, in complete comfort, to produce the best result. Dr Martin has treated hundreds of patients successfully and is focused on providing the very best in cosmetic medicine.

The Most Appropriate Treatments
In the 3 decades that Dr Martin has been practicing, there have been many developments in cosmetic medicine.

Some have been effective, some less so. Dr Martin has maintained his position at the forefront of the industry by recognizing the most appropriate treatments for specific conditions.

This is to provide you with the best results possible, with the lowest level of side effects experienced and in complete comfort.

If you want to slow or reverse the signs of aging, contact us at Harley Place Day Surgery and we can use our experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation to give you a pleasing, professional result that lasts. Contact us for a consultation.