Looking Younger Has Never Been Easier with the Wide Range of Treatments On Offer At Dr Peter Martin’s Harley Place Day Surgery


A facial rejuvenation is a combination of treatments designed to deal with:

  • Sun damage
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Discolouration

By offering our patients a range of aesthetic services, we can help you look younger. And because we use laser technology our treatments provide amazing results.

At Dr Peter Martin’s Harley Place Day Surgery we offer 4 treatments that can be combined to suit your needs:

1. Cosmetic eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) can enhance appearance and widen the field of vision. The amazing results of the surgery can often last for years—sometimes a lifetime—and will restore a more youthful appearance.

This procedure can last up to two hours and is performed under a local anaesthetic. Our qualified anaesthetist will administer a mild sedation. There are two kinds of eyelid surgery:

  • Upper eyelid surgery
  • Lower eyelid surgery

The procedure involves an incision in the natural skin folds of the eyelids and then excess fat, muscle and loose skin are removed using the CO2 laser. Fine sutures are then placed over the incision and can be removed a week later.

2. Dermal fillers

The results of dermal fillers are immediate. The gel is injected into the skin to add volume to lips and can lift up wrinkles and folds. Dermal fillers work by restoring your body’s natural skin volume.

Dermal fillers are effective, safe, easy to apply long-lasting and gentle on your skin. Thanks to advances in cosmetic medicine, we can now offer a range of dermal fillers to suit your needs. An additional benefit of dermal fillers is that unlike other cosmetic injections, dermal fillers do not affect your facial expression.

3. Anti-wrinkle injections

As the name suggests anti-wrinkle injections only target the muscles that allow your face to relax. These injections do not target the actual skin, what this means is that facial lines and creases affected by laughing, frowning and squinting rather than lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging.

This treatment (which should be repeated over 3-4 months) takes between 5 and 10 minutes and no anaesthetic is required.

4. Laser skin rejuvenation

Dr Peter Martin has a variety of laser treatments that can produce aesthetically pleasing results. The lasers that Dr Peter Martin uses are:

  • The fractioned CO2 laser
  • Thermage
  • CO2 laser

Laser treatment removes the damaged superficial layers of skin and stimulates the deeper layers to produce new collagen. This procedure improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles.

Technically speaking Thermage isn’t a laser treatment. Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment. It is less severe than laser treatment and so is generally regarded as a non-invasive cosmetic medical procedure. Non-invasive medical treatments can be just as effective as the invasive kind.

A benefit non-invasive treatment has over invasive treatment is that non-invasive treatment carries very little downtime. Where the laser treatments can require up to two weeks, Thermage should only produce minor effects and therefore considerably less downtime than two weeks.

For more information on our facial rejuvenation treatment, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located Harley Place Day Surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us.